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Hannah Truelove Writing

Book Review Policy

In today’s crazy internet world it’s easy for a new author to feel like their book is going to drown in the sea of novels out there.

I would like to help out, just a bit, by providing free book reviews for new and established authors.

I accept review requests on a first come basis. I do not accept more than one book to review at a time, and I will try to feature authors who have not previously been published first. Once I have agreed to review your book, and have received it, I will post my review within 30 days.

Important Notes about my Review Policy: (Please read before contacting me)

If I enjoy the book:

  • I will post a raving review on my blog, which will be shared across Twitter and Instagram as well.
  • I will post a (3 star or higher) review on Amazon
  • I will feature your book and author bio in future posts about books I have reviewed, giving you more long-term exposure

If I was not a fan of the book:

  • I will post your blurb and author bio on my blog. I will state my honest opinion of the book, and still encourage others to give it a chance.
  • I will not share anything negative about the book or author on social media.
  • I will not post a review on Amazon. (It is my personal preference not to leave negative Amazon reviews).

If you are interested in having your book reviewed, please Contact Me with the following information:

  1. Your name and contact information
  2. An author bio and links for your website and all social media accounts you want to be featured
  3. Hi-res image of your book cover
  4. Novel buy links


Be sure to let me know in your email if there is anything in the story (such as plot twists or hints about the conclusion), that you would like me to avoid mentioning in the review. Also, please specify if you would like me to wait to post my review until a certain date.

Include every single link you would like shared, and make it clear what they lead to. You may also include press release links if you would like your press release included in my post.

If the book has not yet been released please include release date and information on how it will be available to purchase.

I would like to have my book reviewed