Travelers of the Mainland Series


Obsidian miner Baehler meets brothers Masteros and Dalos in the Mainland’s toxic swampland on a dangerous quest for food.

When the brothers try to rescue Baehler from the deadly swamps they meet Logan Tomlinson, the strange man whose vessel the Chariot has crashed from the City in the Clouds.

Baehler longs to return to his parents and help them reach Red City, a place whose existence becomes more doubtful with every new friend he meets.

Masteros just wants to find a safe place for him and his rebellious kid brother to settle down; but it seems the Chariot, Logan Tomlinson, and time itself have other plans for them.

Join them on a truly original adventure through the Mainland, where the animals are super-sized, the friends come pint-sized, and you never know where (or when) you’ll end up next!

Short Story: Tales of Fae: Amelie

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