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Hi! I’m Hannah, a wife and stay-at-home mom who writes to keep from losing her sanity.

I post daily poems, writing tips, and hacks for balancing writing and family.

Hannah Truelove Writing

Last year I completed the first two manuscripts for my Travelers of the Mainland series. The first book of the series, Reachers, will be released in 2019. Follow me for a chance to win a free copy!

When I’m not busy creating worlds I post my poetry on Instagram and share writing tips on Twitter. Be sure to follow me on those platforms too so you never miss a post!


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My Story

I have always loved to write, but I juggled poems, lyrics, and story ideas in my head for decades before finally penning my first manuscript last year.

I was home alone most days with my (then) one-year old when I found myself getting back into writing.

It only took me three weeks to write my first novel (at 116,000 words). Published or not, that day an author was born.

How I Write 100,000 Words A Month!

Unfortunately, about twenty minutes after typing “The End” the unthinkable happened.

My computer crashed.

And I, clearly being a novice, had not made a back up.

Despite my desperate attempts, it could not be saved, and 116,000 words of my life’s work vanished without a trace.

After a short period of mourning, and thinking that I had received my sign to never, ever, write again-

I re-wrote it. The entire book, better than ever. Now I’m on book three of the series, with a second mission in mind. All the time I see wannabe authors who think they can’t do it, think they don’t have time. Well I can, and so can you. We’re just going to have to work really, really hard.

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