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Book Review- Becoming Mrs. Smith

A sweet and charming story that gives readers an insightful view of World War II, seen through the eyes of young Violet.

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A couple of weeks ago, I shared a post on Instagram and Twitter looking for books to review. I received Becoming Mrs. Smith as a suggestion by author Tanya E. Williams. Becoming Mrs. Smith is the first of a planned trilogy. Book Two, Stealing Mr. Smith, is also available now.

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Becoming Mrs. Smith takes place in the years surrounding World War II in the small town of Cedar Springs, South Dakota. The book was well written, and a quick read, with short chapters that flow seamlessly together, despite their jumps through time.

The story is written in the first person, following the life of Violet from childhood to early adulthood. It reads like a diary and shows little outside of Violet’s life. Perhaps if the book had been longer, this is where it would have suffered. The novella feels just the right length, however, and sharing Violet’s worry and excitement will leave the reader with little chance to grow bored in the tediousness of her days.

Williams storytelling does a wonderful job making the reader feel like they are Violet, viewing the world through her eyes. I felt as if I too lived on the small farm where she fought Scarlet Fever as a child, and figured out how to live her life with the damaged heart the fever left her with. I remembered the thrill of puppy love as Violet watched young John Smith fishing in the stream, her crush later growing into an unspoken promise of forever as they grew older and attended school together in the city.

Even young love can’t escape the darkness of life, however, and that comes in the form of World War II in Becoming Mrs. Smith. John enlists in the war, a move that crushes Violet’s hopes for their future together, and leaves her simultaneously infuriated with John, and tortured by her fear for his safety. She convinces herself he’ll only be gone a few months, but as months turn to years Violet is forced to accept her new reality. She spends her days desperately awaiting any news of the battle, while she watches her friends and loved ones experience the casualties of war all around her.

I cried through the second half of the book, both happy and sad tears. The conclusion seemed almost too clean and neat, but Williams saved a few surprises for the end. I really enjoyed Becoming Mrs. Smith, and can’t wait to read more from Tanya E. Williams.

Title: Becoming Mrs. Smith

Author: Tanya E. Williams

Genres: Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Wholesome Romance

Star Rating: 4.5

Where to pick up your own copy: Amazon

About the Author:

Tanya E. Williams is currently working on the third book in the Smith Family series. The first two titles of the series: Becoming Mrs. Smith and Stealing Mr. Smith, are available on Amazon now. Ms. Williams is also the author of the non-fiction book Breathe.

Tanya E. Williams’ Website




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