This Week in Hannah Truelove Writing



It’s only the second week of October and my calendar is already full!

I’m working on some fun features I’ll post in the upcoming weeks, and I am excited to start including book reviews on the site, watch for that later in the week as well.

This Week:

M ~ #MondayMotivation/ News

T ~ How to Write a Novel Blog Series: Revising

W ~ #WritingTipWednesday

Th ~ Book Review/ Blogoween Post

F ~ Travelers of the Mainland Excerpt

Poems every day!

I’ve been making tons of great writing and blogging friends, and I’m happy to say I’ve passed 500 Twitter Followers!

If you’re not already following me on Instagram, you’re missing out! I’ve been revamping my feed with some fun themes, and I’ve got even more poems, tips, and inspiration over there!

Blogoween 2018

Last week I shared 10 Literary Women to Dress as this Halloween. This week I’ll feature another Blogoween-inspired post, plus lots of spooky writing prompts, creepy poems, and more over on Instagram. I’m telling you, follow me over there!

Book Reviews

I’m excited to start featuring book reviews on the site this week. If you are interested in having your book reviewed, please check out my Review Policy. I currently have three books lined up, and I will be announcing my rating system soon.

Be sure to follow me so you never miss a tip! Follow me on my social media accounts as well; I love to support fellow writers, poets, and bloggers.

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