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The Night Terror

The Night Terror

Slippery steps soaked with rain
trembling hands, scrape keys to a lock,
terror-struck chills shiver in vain.
The hood at your back stumbles close-
you feel icy breath as the key finds it’s host
the chill at your ear, the voice that you hear
you push through the door to escape,
yet the ghost follows swift every step that you take
you realize, as fear fills your eyes
that alas, time’s passed, there’ll be no escape
But as the hood lunges, you wake with a start,
bed soaked with sweat, hand to your heart,
’twas only a dream, a curse in the night
your mind’s mischievous, incarnation of plight.
You settle back, as wind howls and branches scrape,
at least for tonight, it seems you are safe.
©Hannah Truelove

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