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Hey Blogger, I Bet You’re Lonely

Hey Blogger, I bet you're lonely- A diary entry for my fellow bloggers

On October 1st, my blog had its most views ever.

The week before I had surpassed my previous record, which was awesome because it had been tough to beat for a while.

By noon of October 1st that record had been shattered to smithereens.

This little passion project of mine was actually minimally successful. The strategies I used were working. The hours of learning about social media algorithms and HTML seemed to be paying off at last.

I had my first pin going “viral” on Pinterest, I had been featured in three online papers, and nominated for three blogging awards. I gained nearly 100 Twitter followers in less than two days.

For a baby blogger like myself, all of that was pretty exciting. People were actually interested in what I had to say.

You know who wasn’t interested?

My friends.

My real ones anyway, the flesh and blood people who filled my life.

Something exciting would happen with the blog, I’d share it with others…and usually get next to no response.

A few relatives would tell me I’m talented. I’d hear an occasional “that’s cool.” But usually, we wouldn’t talk about it at all.

My husband is incredibly, ridiculously, supportive. Which means everything, as I’m sure many bloggers don’t even have that. But for the most part, people don’t really seem to care.

I don’t think I’m the only blogger who feels that way.

The truth about blogging is that it is lonely.

Maybe you’re a stay-at-home parent who needed a hobby and identity outside of the kids (even if you’re writing a parenting blog).

Maybe you’re an aspiring artist who longed for their own platform where they could display their art.

Maybe you just thought it would be a fun hobby, that maybe you could make a few bucks from.

Whatever motivated you to learn about coding and design; and things like AMP, SEO, HTML, and some days FML, I’ll wager you’ve reached some point where you wonder if any of it’s worth it.

Does anybody care what I’m writing about?

Is anyone going to read this?

Should I have been spending this time/ money on something else?

Hang in there. It is worth it. Even if no one looks at your blog for weeks.

What you are doing is cool. And creative. And using skills that most people don’t have.

What’s even more impressive is you probably had to learn everything all by yourself. Go you. You’re so smart.

Even if you can find one person who wants to read what you have to say, it was worth writing it. So don’t stop. Don’t get discouraged, even when you feel lonely.

Find blogging friends. Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, WordPress Reader: Go out and find other people like you, who understand what you’re doing, and who genuinely want to celebrate your blogging successes with you. The truth is, those may be the only people who get it, and you need them, even if they’re on the other side of the world.

We’ve all started out with the crawl of views in the first weeks, the stalling of followers on social media, and every other frustration that comes with blogging.

So go find bloggers. Read and share their posts, leave encouraging comments, and most definitely don’t unfollow them when your Follower/ Following ratio gets too close.

Us bloggers need to build each other up instead of comparing. The beauty of blogging is that every single one of us is unique, so someone else doing well is not going to take away from you. Instead, look to them for guidance, and encouragement, and maybe even friendship.

Until next time,


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