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How To Write A Novel: Drafting

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Today is the day you start writing your first novel.

The next several months will be joyful, searching, frustrating, but it will all be worth it when you have your book in your hands.

How do you get said book in your hands?

By writing it of course!

Drafting is essentially the process of writing your first draft. The only goal here is to write your story: spelling and grammar errors be damned. There will be time for editing later.

There are usually two types of authors: pantsers and plotters.

I’m definitely a pantser, or a “by the seat of your pants” writer. I think some stories call for outlines more than others, but I prefer to follow my creative flow while writing. It keeps me from being a bored writer, which will hopefully keep my readers from getting bored as well.

The second type: plotters, are pretty self-explanatory. These authors prefer to make detailed outlines before writing to help them stay focused and avoid writer’s block.

If you are unsure which method will work best for you, try both, or even a mixture of both. (Start out freewriting than switch to an outline when you get stuck.)

How I write 100,000 words a month

My method:

1. Quiet room or space

2. Noise canceling headphones and great playlist

3. Write. As often as you can, as much as you can. When you get burnt out, take a break. If you find you are always burnt out, perhaps you need to put your story aside for a while until inspiration strikes again.

4. Don’t edit in the middle of writing.

Write now, revise later

5. Keep working on it until you’re done. Remember, this is your story. You are the best one to decide what kind of plot, characters, and setting belong here. Try giving yourself easy goals to stay motivated, such as a weekly page count or word count.

When you feel like you’re finally done, you’ll be ready for your first read- through!

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How do you draft your novels? Share your tips in the comments!

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    1. I love music too! I avoid anything too catchy because it gets stuck in my head and I can’t focus. I like to listen to heavy instrumental stuff, movie soundtracks (like LOR), and even dubstep while I write. Hopefully you’ll find a playlist or method that works for you! Thanks for the comment!

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