Helping Hand

Helping Hand

Stale hops and cigarette smoke
Heel-crushed butt of the joke
Cardboard kingdom at your back
Night Train, arm vein, can’t get on track
Saving pennies for your thoughts
Pawn your needs and sell your wants
Paper sack over your head
One man’s trash, another’s bed
Down on your lucky rabbit foot
Pull the straps up from those boots
Second chance, hot food, hot bed
First day thankful I’m not dead
Make my way back to the top
Meetings, well-being, can’t be stopped
Those who have give to have-not
See the man whose piss sans pot
Hand him twenty to feed a day
Teach to fish, to find his way
See the people on the street
View the blisters on their feet
Maybe give a helping hand,
Maybe make a better man

©Hannah Truelove 2018

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