Hands Are Broken

Homeless Poetry Image
Hands Are Broken ©Hannah Truelove 2018

Hands Are Broken

My glasses are foggy, I can’t see
So I need you, to lead me
Say useless
Say dirty
I wash, can’t come clean
Lines on old bodies
The huddled,
The motley
Leaders and owners,
Bouncers get off me
You hide me,
You starve me
But I sit,
Still begging
The rain, and snowfall
Can’t stop me, from asking.
I’m sloven
I’m crippled
Skin callous and wrinkled
I’m thirsty, but can’t drink
I’m hungry, but can’t eat
Hands broken, and useless
So warm me
And dress me
Make me what I can’t be
But you see right through me
Think I’m fallen,
No use,
Accept it
Worst thing about me
The mirror that you see
How easy, it could be
And you’d be just like me

© Hannah Truelove

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