Tower ©2018 Hannah Truelove

So many nights went by,

when I was standing all alone,

and then you came to me

and you showed me where to go.

I never knew this place,

before you brought me here,

you kept me safe and sound,

promised you’d never go anywhere.

So come and rescue me,

don’t leave me waiting here,

I know that you’ve saved me,

but I’m still with my greatest danger.

Keep me from myself,

the demons inside me.

Love me until you can’t,

until the evil thing vacates me

Call on everyone,

take heed and listen up,

I may have been broken,

but you couldn’t give me up.

Moist cheeks and swollen lips,

from me biting down,

I once could scream and scream,

but this voice never made a sound.

So when you go away,

take a part of me with you,

I’ll never give you up,

not after what we’ve been through.

I’ll keep my skin and bones,

You take my soul with you

© Hannah Truelove

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