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How To Use Pinterest For Writing

Okay, it’s 2018. If you don’t know what Pinterest is by now, then you’re definitely missing out. I know, if you’ve avoided it this long it’s probably because you think it’s only for wannabe crafters or gourmet chefs. But for me, Pinterest is a life-saving tool right up there with Spell Check and Grammarly.

How to use Pinterest for writing- Wondering how to use Pinterest for writing? Pinterest is an excellent resource for writers and bloggers at every level!

No, seriously though.

You can use Pinterest for absolutely everything:

Story prompts, character development worksheets, and even tips on how to land a Literary Agent or go through the self-publishing process.

I’m telling you, it’s amazing.

Set Up Your Account

If you’re new to pinning, first you must set up an account. Enter your e-mail, age, and answer a couple of questions they offer to personalize your account.

Use Pinterest to become a better writer! Pinterest is a wealth of resources for writers, bloggers, and poets!

Next, choose some categories to get started. This part’s pretty limited for writers besides the category “Books” but don’t worry, you’ll find plenty more once you’re inside.

I chose books, art, music, and quotes to get a nice collection of inspirational material.

Now, the fun part. Type in “writing” (or whatever) into the search bar and start saving ideas!

The most effective way to use Pinterest is to create individual boards for different topics. This will make it easier to find specific things you’re looking for later. Try searching for topics such as:

  • Writing tips

  • Writing prompts

  • Character development

  • World building

  • Writing a query letter

  • How to Self-Publish

  • Editing tips

I’d recommend creating a separate board for each of these themes, or you can organize them into “Sections” within a general board such as “Writing” or “Editing”.

Have fun digging through thousands of (Free!) ideas, and don’t forget to follow me for more writing tips!

Where do you go to get ideas?

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