The Secret’s Quest (A-Z Poem Challenge)

The Secret’s Quest ©Hannah Truelove 2018

The Secret’s Quest

A whisper screams out into the night
Begging for an auricle to land on
Clinging to the lobe, offering a gasp it-
Delivers words so frail and complacent
Even now the whisper holds hope,
For if only one ear shall ever receive me,
Give me a place to rest, but a moment
However long I may remain
I will sing proud; my voice hesitant, yet-
Keep me here, dear lobe, hold my call
Let me build my home upon your senses,
Make my bed within your aural,
Nest my words there among your thoughts
Only for a moment,
Quivering, the whisper goes forth
Releasing a lifetime of secrets in a breath,
Siphoning pity from the ear
Trusting it may last but once
Unsure when the next ear will arrive
Victorious at the freedom found in-
Words desperate to be said, a voice hoarse
Xerosis of the tongue
Yet soon secrets build, whispers cry
Zephyr of words, find me peace.

©Hannah Truelove

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